Price Guide

The bench rate is $90/hour. 

Bench minimum charge is $35

A full professional setup on an acoustic guitar, a standard electric guitar or a bass is $85. 

There are additional costs for setups involving tremolos, locking tremolos, 12 string guitars etc.

Electronics work is usually hourly. Acoustic pickup installs are $75, electrics are $50/per. I keep good pots, jacks etc on site and only use high quality components.

A complete Fret dress would be $250 and include a setup, but a partial dress and recrown could be less. Refrets usually run between $400 and $500. A variety of fretwire (incl. stainless) is available. 

Neck Resets vary based on brand and construction. For example, a Taylor is very easy to reset, and costs about $75. A bolt on neck with a glued fingerboard may cost $300, and a Dovetail $500, but really the whole instrument needs to be assessed before doing major work like this.  Does it also have loose braces? Does it also need fretwork? Let's have a look and make a plan.

Structural work is by assessment - cracks, headstock breaks, all of those sorts of things require an in person look. I'm happy to give you a quote before the work begins. Please understand that a crack repair may require me to re-humidify the instrument for several weeks before I am able to do the work, and this may effect the timeline and cost.